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From which countries can users work on the site?

You can be from any country and speak any language.

Will any investments be required from me?

No investment. No fees. It will always be so.

What payment system can I get money for?

You can get money when you accumulate the minimum amount. On Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or Visa within 3 days.

What is a profile type? What features does the type of profile offer?

Immediately after registration, you will be given a type of profile - a beginner. This type means that you only registered today. + 0% to daily income. The next profile type is medium. + 5% to daily income. The best type of profile is professor. + 10% to daily income.

How to share the site with friends and make money?

To invite more friends:
1) create a post on facebook
2) write a comment "Work from home without investment" in the language of your country
3) copy the affiliate link
4) insert the link in the this post

Why am I getting so much money?

Technology companies create hundreds of new startups every month. Companies create thousands of new types of products for the market: browsers, applications, mobile games, gadgets, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, computing. These companies need your opinion to analyze the market situation - to determine the demand for products. Therefore, technology companies have created a fund that finances our project. 99% of the profit is paid to our users for evaluating startups news.

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For a review of 1 startups news you will receive $ 5, more than 40 startups news are added daily. Your daily income is $ 200.